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Part of the service that we provide is to help our talent establish the legitimacy of the booking inquiries received from prospective clients.  With this in mind, please be prepared to provide us with a phone number, a fax number or email address, and a mailing address (sorry, no P.O. Boxes) in your initial booking inquiry.

If this is your first booking through us, we ask that you please submit 2 types of references from at least 2 of the following 3 sections:


Section 1 Section 2 Section 3

1 Credit Reference (i.e. credit card, etc.) 




2 Vendor/Supplier References


Valid Business License




Valid  U.S. Driver's License




Valid Passport


4 Model References 



3 Peer References




2 Client References

You can either email this information to us or fax us directly at 310-496-0779.  Once we have this info on file you will not be asked for it again.